The advantages of using smaller workout equipment

I have converted a section of my basement into a condo gym, but i like that the basement is always nice and cool, no matter how sizzling as well as humid the weather outside.

It’s very helpful that my workout station is somewhat without the rest of the house.

I can exercise at any time of the afternoon or the evening without disrupting my other family members. I also don’t ever need to stress about my exercise equipment detracting from aesthetics, but while the basement works well for my needs, I have very limited space. There isn’t enough room to invest in more than 2 giant machines. It’s also rough to transfer large as well as heavy equipment down the steep as well as narrow stairwell… Because of this, I’ve outfitted my condo gym with smaller gear. I have a stand of hand weights that take up entirely little room as well as yet supply all sorts of strength training options. I have a set of two-pound, four-pound as well as eight-pound weights that are perfect for high repetition movements. I bought a yoga mat that I use for my moderate up, cool down, stretching, doing plank holds as well as to cushion my joints for high impact aerobics. It works well with my jumping rope. I spent extra for a set of jump ropes that utilize a single pair of wooden handles with four weird ropes of varying weights, then each rope offers a neat style as well as intensity of workout. They are an effective way of burning a good deal of calories, elevating my resting heart rate as well as working the lungs, but for another chance for aerobics, I bought a mini trampoline. It’s very compact, and minimizes impact on my joints however provides a fun as well as beneficial workout.


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