Inherited house that really needed residential HVAC

So honestly, I think I had sort of made my peace with the idea that I might not ever be a homeowner.

  • I was in my mid forties and single.

While I had been working in the same career for almost 2 decades, it wasn’t the sort of thing that was going to make me rich. So I was still living with HVAC equipment that wasn’t so good. But its loud noise helped muffle the sound of my noisy neighbors. I wasn’t bitter but just sort of accepted that while I’d keep saving for that downpayment, it might just not ever happen. That’s when everything changed in the time it took me to open a registered letter. My great aunt had left me everything she owned when she died. I couldn’t believe it. Sure, I was the closest relative to her and we enjoyed spending time together. But I never thought she’d leave this all to me. We spent a couple of afternoons a month together. And I would also tote her around when it was time to get groceries and do errands. But I did this stuff because I loved her and she was so much fun to be around. Suddenly, thanks to her kindness, I was the owner of a three bedroom home. All I had to do was to replace the residential HVAC and I had a turnkey situation as a homeowner. My great aunt also left me all her savings as well which was way more than enough to have the HVAC professionals put in the best HVAC technology out there. I’m just so lucky to be a homeowner and to be here in this house with the best quality heating and air I’ve ever experienced.


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