Last night’s disaster plus today’s indoor air quality

I’m not one to gripe plus complain however my flatmate’s cat was meowing outside my living room door loudly from about 3am till 6am. On top of that I started coming down with a flu or something, plus when you combine my lack of sleep plus sickness I am pretty sore today. To add fuel to the flames, my friend is supposed to be staying with me tonight for an afternoon or two before she heads to another location for dancing school. I don’t want to get her sick though so I told her that it is better not to come. Indoor air quality is not looking great today in this flat as my two cats were locked in the guest living room and relieved themselves, including on the mini split air conditioner unit, plus all over the floor plus the bed. Needless to say, this main afternoon was not so fun waking up, or not waking up to, plus now my guest may suppose I am crazy for canceling the afternoon she is to arrive. Like the HEPA filter sales lady told me though, life can throw you curveballs plus you just need to stay calm plus take it in stride; I’ve cleaned up all of the mess in the guest room plus my roommate is washing the sheets where the cats went, so it is all coming back together again. My main HVAC system is running to clear the air quality in this locale plus it should all be great again soon. I can’t really tell if it smells though because I have no sense of smell!

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