My cousin doesn’t have air conditioning in his basement

My cousin doesn’t have air conditioning in his basement and so it was tough to sleep down there when we stayed there last week.

My buddy and I were going to see our family and so we didn’t want to have to blow money on a hotel, and whenever you are staying and going to see family, it’s not exactly ever a real vacation, if you know what I mean.

It is a visit, however it’s not a real vacation. I have learned this over the various years that I have not lived anywhere near my hometown near my family. I miss them, although I don’t miss them all enough to spend thousands of dollars on a hotel room so that I can stay down there for weeks at a time just to go out to lunch with them. I know that sounds mean, however that’s just how it is. If my first cousin or my aunt can’t put us up in their guest rooms or the basement on the week that we are planning to be there, then I just don’t go. Anyway, we went last week because he said that we would be able to stay in his finished basement and we were actually all looking forward to going there and having a nice time. However, the weather definitely started heating up more than we initially thought it would and so we got pretty overheated down in the basement. Usually whenever we stay there, it isn’t certainly overheated outside. My buddy and I didn’t think that the temperature would get certainly overheated that week either, however boy, were we totally wrong. The temperature got up into the 90s and it is definitely early in the year for that kind of summertime heat!
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