Settled the heating and cooling dispute


When I was told that I’d have my work cut out for me with this regional office, they weren’t kidding.

But the opportunity to lead a regional office was too exciting for me to say anything but yes. I had been working inside the zone controlled HVAC of the corporate headquarters for a few years at that point. While I was glad to have made it to corporate, I was also ready for a serious leadership role. Well, I got one and it’s a handful. But thanks to a great local HVAC company, I have at least solved the commercial HVAC issues that have plagued this building for far too long. Basically, I walked into a powder keg when it came to morale. Not only was morale low, there was a serious hostility vibe as well. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a work environment that was that negative. But each journey begins with a single step. So I spent my very first week doing nothing else really but listening and gathering information and perspectives. It was clear that this bunch of associates felt completely adrift and alone in the company. I tried to explain that this wasn’t their fault but the fault of a series of ineffective management. And I was here to change that. Another first on that list of priorities was simple comfort in the workplace. There was literally one thermostat for a one story building holding more than a hundred associates. The second week I was here, I sent everyone home for a four day weekend while the commercial HVAC was updated. Everyone returned to zone controlled HVAC with many separate thermostats and independent heating and cooling zones.

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