Dwayne gave me options for the best air filters

Dwayne is not only an HVAC technician, but he’s also my big brother.

We are about 5 years apart, and I always look up to him.

Now, that’s literally and figuratively. My brother is tall and muscular. I always see how the girls stare at him as we walk together, and I can’t help but laugh. If they only knew he was gay. Anyway, Dwayne didn’t want to go to university when he graduated from high school. Instead, he convinced our parents to allow him to attend community college. He’d pursue a business course and a HVAC course. See, since he was in middle school. Dwayne always said he wanted to own a HVAC company. We know of a distant uncle who runs his own HVAC company and he lives a good life. I guess hearing that story stuck with Dwayne, so he hatched a plan to follow in the same footsteps. He’d finish college, get his HVAC certification, then he went to work for a local HVAC company for a year. According to Dwayne, there was much more he’d learn on the job than in school. So, he took the job for two years, and true to his word, he was like a sponge. Later, he resigned, and set up his own HVAC business with our dad as his business partner. I can hardly believe his plan worked, but now Dwayne is a successful HVAC business owner. Today, we had coffee in town and he was giving me advice on the best air filters to buy for my HVAC system. Honestly, I’m so happy for him.


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