He didn’t want his son in his HVAC company.

My partner wasn’t the best father in the world.

I couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t be civil with his son.

He was always demanding and treating him more like his possession than a son. Maybe he was angry that his ex left him and didn’t take the kid with him, but I thought he was a good kid. When he said he wanted to be an HVAC technician, I was proud of him. It gave him a career that would always be in demand. He asked if I would talk to his father about joining his HVAC company if he got through the courses and got his certification? I approached my partner, thinking I was going to ask him if he would give his son a chance in the HVAC company, but he was in a foul mood. Nothing had gone right in the HVAC company, and he was trying to put out several fires. I wondered why he was the owner of a HVAC company if he wasn’t happy doing it, but I wouldn’t dare ask him right then. I wasn’t going to talk to him until he finished his paperwork and got some food in his stomach. When supper was over, his son took over. He told his father he wanted to go to school for HVAC and wanted to know if he could work in the family HVAC company. For the first time since I’d known him, he softened. He told his son he didn’t want him in the HVAC company. He wanted him to work for a company that wasn’t floundering and could offer him a real chance at a career.


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