I don’t know how many air conditioners I broke.

My wife got home just as I was ripping into the bedroom air conditioning unit.

When she asked what I was doing; I asked her what she thought I was doing.

Her retort was to tell me I was doing something I had promised I wouldn’t do. She asked me how many air conditioners I had already broken. I didn’t know how many air conditioners I broke, but this was not going to be one of them. I wasn’t working on it to repair it. I was only cleaning the filters in the air conditioner so we could have some cleaner air in our bedroom. She threw her hands up and walked out of the bedroom before I could tell her I was just cleaning it. When I got to the kitchen, she was looking through the website for the home center. I realized she was looking for a new air conditioning unit for the bedroom. I told her she would be wasting money, because the AC unit was already running, and it was running quietly now. She didn’t believe me and ran upstairs to check for herself. She wanted to know if I had traded one of the air conditioning units in one of the other rooms, for this one. I told her I was just cleaning it. She shook her head and I thought she was going to walk away. Instead, she apologized for not giving me any credit, but she also reminded me it wouldn’t be the first air conditioning unit I had broken, even while cleaning.



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