I love older Heating & Air Conditioning technology

I have to say that I love older heating, ventilation & A/C technology over modern heating, ventilation & A/C technology.

I just can not get into things like smart temperature controls, radiant radiant floors & all those kind of things.

To me they just seem way too complicated for my ancient school brain. I really never even got into the kindle & internet age which all the people live on & by today. I know just the basics for even that, which is fantastic with me! So what makes you think I would want to complicate my life with all this super advanced heating, ventilation & A/C technology? Give me a window air conditioner unit any afternoon. Also I would take a gas boiler over any central heating & air conditioner! Even a sizzling water boiler would be better than central heating & air conditioner’s heaters in my humble opinion, however now do not get me wrong, I am not trashing all this so called “great” heating, ventilation & A/C technology of today. I know it works for some people & I am way ok with that & will not judge anyone; Younger & pure young folks can have & handle this modern heating, ventilation & A/C technology that its nothing & second nature, however kind of like how the way the ebb & flow of ancient heating, ventilation & A/C technology was for me back in the good ancient mornings. I do miss it & try to stay as basics to that plan as I can within today heating, ventilation & A/C technology.



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