It was a definitive yes, to a new air conditioner

My husband and I had been discussing what we were going to do for air conditioning this year.

At the end of the summer season last year, we were told we needed a new air conditioning unit.

We hoped to baby the AC unit for one more year, but our service this spring told us it wasn’t going to happen. The HVAC technician was quite adamant about us needing the new air conditioning unit. We tried looking at different websites and watching for sales, hoping to get a good price on an air conditioning unit like we recently had. The cost of air conditioning units had gone up considerably since we bought the old AC unit. We were running out of time with the weather, and we needed to make a decision. It was a definitive yes to a new air conditioner, but we didn’t know which one to buy. Looking at the weather told us we had to make a decision because they were showing possible nineties at the end of the ten-day forecast. I called the HVAC company and asked them to send someone out to measure up for the new air conditioner. Even if we had to reach into our home equity, we had to get the air conditioner. When the HVAC technician arrived, he had some good news for us. He said there were some AC units that were on sale. They weren’t being clearanced out, but they were good air conditioning units. He would buy one of them if he needed one. We knew he was an excellent HVAC technician and took his suggestion.