My HVAC company was failing.

Even before my HVAC company officially opened, it was already failing. I couldn’t find a couple of good HVAC techs who could work for me. I didn’t have enough income to buy everything that was necessary to work on air conditioning units this year, or the furnaces in the winter. I was frustrated and ready to give up within weeks of getting my small business loan. The banker called and asked why I hadn’t put up a website, or done any work to start building a customer database. I should have known I needed to start building a customer database before I did anything else, but I wasn’t really prepared. I had a lot of small things happening in the process that had me frustrated and ready to give up. My wife was helping, but she knew nothing about HVAC. She knew the business side of starting a company, but not the actual HVAC company. Without asking, she built a website to tell people about our upcoming HVAC company. She had an announcement about our opening, and how people could sign up for a free HVAC service. Everything we talked about incorporating into the HVAC company, she had in our website. It was the nicest website I had ever looked at, and it was informative. Within a week of having the website live, we had ten people signing up for a free service, and five others wanting more information. My wife saved our failing HVAC company. Five years later, we had the top HVAC company in our area, and I owe it all to my wife. It was her business knowledge that made our HVAC company a success.

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