The air conditioner smells like vomit.

I couldn’t figure out where the odd smell in my house was coming from.

  • I had been smelling this odor that reminded me of bad milk or vomit.

The only thing I could think of was that it was coming from the air vents. I never thought it could be the air conditioner that smells like vomit. I had to call the HVAC company and have them do an inspection of the air conditioner and the ductwork. I was sure if the odor was coming from the air vents when the air conditioning came on, the smell had traveled deep into the ductwork. The air conditioning had turned on about five minutes before the HVAC technician arrived, and the odor was still strong in the house. He knew why I had called before I had the chance to tell him. He inspected the air conditioning first, and said there was nothing wrong in it. He was now inspecting the ductwork. He told me he was going to call the HVAC company and have them send out a team of ductwork cleaners. They would clean the ductwork, and air vents, making sure all the dust debris, and possible bugs were done. They would also inspect the ductwork to make sure there were no breaks or separations at the seams. Three days later, the ductwork was being cleaned. I couldn’t believe how good my house smelled. The odor of spoiled milk and vomit was no longer in the house when the air conditioner turned on, but it smelled clean and fresh. He said he couldn’t tell me what the odor was, but it was just a culmination of all the dirt, dust and debris that had built up in the ductwork.


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