The very old dont care for AC in summer

I loved my grandma and would spend days with her.

My parents would drop us off at her place whenever they had to rush for a business meeting out of town. I enjoyed listening to grandma’s stories as well as cooking/ baking with her. She had the most hilarious stories of when they were younger. She loved the farm and missed it a lot but was stuck in the city because she needed to be close to my parents who took care of her due to medical challenges. SInce she had refused to move in with us, my parents got her a small apartment a few blocks from our house. I remember one summer afternoon my mom dropped me at grandmas and left in a rush. She had a meeting in the next 30 minutes and was afraid of running late since this was an investors meeting. I rushed into grandma’s house only to be hit by a strong warm breeze. This was unlike my grandma’s place that was eVer comfortable and inviting. I ran to the kitchen where she was shouting that her HVAC unit was broken. Grandma laughed and said that her AC was working perfectly. Turns out that she had not switched on the cooling unit because she felt no need to. The breeze that came in through the windows should be enough as she said. Her explanation was that she had lived for years when there was no air conditioning system so she knew no one would die from a little heat discomfort. While this did not make much sense, I was not about to start arguing with grandma as I wouldn’t win this fight.

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