There was no air conditioning.

I knew she was going to say that, and I was already packing my clothes

I needed a small apartment for three months, while my house was being remodeled. I didn’t want to get a place where I had to sign a lease. I knew I wouldn’t be in the apartment for more than three or four months. I found a lovely little cottage that was close to where I lived, and it was said to be modern, and fully furnished. I couldn’t wait to get my clothing together, and put my belongings in storage. I was thrilled knowing I had found the perfect place, and was paying less rent than I had expected to pay. I walked into the cottage, but I couldn’t find the thermostat. I needed to turn the temperature down and cool it off. I called the rental office, but they insisted they told me there wasn’t air conditioning. All I read was that it was a modern cottage, and fully furnished. If it was modern, it was safe to assume there was air conditioning in the cottage. She started to laugh and asked me if I knew what ‘assume’ meant, but I wasn’t amused. I wanted air conditioning, and since it wasn’t in the house now, I wanted it there by evening, or I was moving out more quickly than I moved in. She was huffing, but I was serious. I was not going to stay in the cottage without air conditioning. She told me there was no possible way she could have air conditioning in the house in less than a couple of hours. I knew she was going to say that, and I was already packing my clothes. I was worrying about what else was forgotten to be modernized, if they didn’t have air conditioning.

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