The wait for a new heating and cooling system

I wasn’t excited about selling the house.

I made this clear from the beginning, but we were in an extraordinary housing market; it would’ve been dumb not to sell.

But now that I’m living in a rented duplex with substandard heating and cooling, I desperately want my house back! What makes it harder is the fact our home was perfect when we sold it. To get the most amount of money, my family made some large upgrades, including replacing our heating and air conditioning system. The one we installed had the latest technology; extremely efficient with a high SEER rating. I was surprised how much our energy costs went down after it was installed. It came with a smart control, and zone-controlled heating and cooling – meaning there were five independently-controlled zones in the house! It was quite the set-up. We had the HVAC installed before renovating our living room, so I atleast got to enjoy the benefits for a period before the house went up for sale. Now, our family is in a holding pattern. Down-sizing our belongings was critical and our new home has served that purpose. The lack of quality heating and cooling is motivating my wife and I to find our next home, one with a system as nice as the one we left!


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