The whole office building got brand new flooring

Cate’s parents got her a job cleaning the floors at night at their office building.

She was hoping she’d get an admin position, but they said that Cate lacks the necessary skills.

She has to start at the bottom. The whole office building got fresh flooring 5 weeks ago. From then on, the bosses have been on Cate to scrub the floors every single night. The building owners do not want them to lose their shine. The commercial flooring was gorgeous when it was put down and they want to ensure that it will continue to look great for a while. Cate has been helping out with the flooring since she went to the night shift. The night shift starts at 11:30 instead of 10:30. Cate had to pick this shift when her bestie started his position. He does not get to the condo until 10:30 and they share a car. Cate’s boss was glad about this change in shift and allowed her to start later. A manager was complaining about the fresh flooring not getting cleaned, plus two offices and Cate’s name was mentioned. She quickly reminded them that hrr schedule had been changed. Those offices were no longer on her rotation. Someone else was handling that schedule. Cate thought she saw him sleeping upstairs in a spare room, but she could not be too sure! Now she’s certain it was him sleeping on that task.


Commercial flooring