Beating the dust season with the right HVAC unit

It’s September plus I’m really, particularly thrilled about that. Every year about this time, I love knowing that we are almost to the end of the hot season. Our current location is not much summer time as it is the heat of the season for sure. This area is renowned for the levels of heat & humidity my associate and I get in the summer. And that overwhelming combo comes with a lot of cooling needs. That’s one of the main reasons I’m so glad this time of the year. Soon, the demand for all that a/c will begin to fade. This will lead to enjoying just the best fall, winter season as well as Spring I’ve ever experienced. While we both suffer for four months during the summer, the rest of the year is always great. But there is another reason why I’m smiling this year. Normally, this is a time when particular flowering plants are doing their thing which leads to typical allergy symptoms for me. For sure, it’s not nearly as terrible as early Spring when there is a blanket of tree plus grass pollen outside for weeks. But I don’t have to worry about dust sensitivities anymore, at least inside my house. We had a whole house air cleaner installed to address the indoor smells. Well, this whole-home air purifier also takes care of all the pollen in the air. So my house is now an allergy refuge for me these days. That’s a reason to smile for sure. And soon, that smile is only going to grow as kneeling outside in the sunlight for lunch is just around the corner.