A fishy smell

Benjamin Franklin was known for multiple things, not the least of which was his multiple wise sayings. “Nothing in this life is particular except death plus taxes,” is one. “Guests, like fish, begin to stink in three days,” is another. I can really attest to both of these! My nice friend and I have dear friends who stay with us every year, travelling from another state. My nice friend and I have found that my nice friend and I appreciate their contractor for about the first three days, but anything longer plus my nice friend and I begin to wish they would just go home. If they come while in the winter season months, my nice friend and I find that they like to keep their study room plus lavatory windows open at all times. And if it’s while in the warmer months, they do the same, and either way, it makes our heating plus cooling bills sky high while in their stay. My nice friend and I have politely asked that they keep the windows closed, explaining that the heating system never stops running in the winter season plus the air conditioning never shuts off in the summer. They smile politely as if they intend to comply. But the next day it’s more of the same… Our Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor, while in one of his annual service appointments, confirmed that windows should consistently be shut once the Heating plus Air Conditioning system is on, and not only does it interfere with the heating or the cooling of the house, it also puts stress on the entire Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Eventually the extra stress could lead to a malfunction of the heating system or the air conditioning, but sadly, my nice friend and I feel that my nice friend and I cannot keep bringing the subject up with our out of town guests. My nice friend and I have chosen stress on our Heating plus Air Conditioning system over stress on our friendship.


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