Heated floor helps sore puppy

My wife and I took our puppy to the dog park yesterday.

The puppy finally has all of his shots so he can finally start socializing.

Needless to say, the puppy had a great time playing with the little dogs. In fact, I think he might have had too much fun. When we got home he fell asleep without eating his dinner and he slept through the night. This morning, our puppy is walking a bit stiffly. My wife wants to take him to the vet but I think it is just sore muscles. I turned on the underfloor heater in the bathroom and the puppy is really enjoying laying on the nice warm floor. He did eat breakfast and lunch today but he has been sleeping between meals. Again, my wife is worried but I am not. After all, when I work out too much I want nothing more than to eat, sleep, and curl up with a heating pad. How is that any different than what the puppy is doing? Of course, he has a heated floor instead of a heating pad but it is the same concept. Next time we go to the dog park we should cut our time shorter in order to keep the puppy from overdoing it. But I think he will be just fine. The heated floor will help relax his sore muscles, he will sleep for a day or so, then he will be back to his old self again. I am sure of it. We just have to let the heated floor do its work.
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