It turns out I could fix the A/C

My mom called me and said that her air conditioner wasn’t working well in her house.

I told her to call up an HVAC supplier because I know nothing about HVAC repair.

Still, she insisted that I come and take a look. I am a plumper, not an HVAC technician. And yet, most of the family thinks I can do all sorts of home repair for some reason. Anyway, I went over to my moms house. Sure enough, it was hot in there. She had all of her windows open and her ceiling fans on. That didn’t help much because it was hot outside too. I turned on the air conditioner then went to see if cold air came out of the vents. It did not. Then I noticed that the vent I was looking at was covered with plastic wrap. I went and looked at the other vents in the house. 9 out of 10 of the vents was covered up with plastic wrap. I asked my mom about it and she said that the draft was bad for her bird. I unwrapped all of the vents except for the ones right next to the cage. Now the house is cooling down again. So mom is happy. She understands that she can’t cover all of the air conditioner vents if she wants air conditioning. However, now she is telling everyone that I fixed her air conditioner. That is just great. Now more of the family is going to call me for HVAC repair and I am not going to be able to help unless they too covered up their vents.



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