Author: Alan

Is Electric Heating Cheaper Than Air Conditioning?

Well, I just looked on Google for the answer and it isn’t so promising. It said that heating a house uses about four times the amount that cooling uses so it looks like my power bills will go even higher. I need to find another solution because the winters here can be brutally cold. Maybe […]

Changing over

The time of the year has arrived where both of us change over our central heating plus air conditioners from central air conditioning to central heating. But before this happens, the first thing that needs to be done is to call the heating plus A/C supplier to schedule a heat plus a/c tune up plus […]

It was a clue

When you hear your central heating plus air conditioner getting louder plus louder with each time it turns on, this is a clue that there is something wrong with it. Most of the time it means that the motor or fan is on its last leg. And that means that it is time to call […]

Occasionally it takes a while

When you buy a brand new plus modern central heating plus air conditioner it sometimes can take a while for you to get used to it, then especially if you had just replaced an old plus dying central heating plus air conditioner. When you get a brand new plus modern central heating plus air conditioner […]