Author: Alan

How much is too much?

When it comes to buying central heating and a/cs, the main question a lot of people wonder is how much is too much? I mean, how much is someone willing to spend on a brand modern and totally current with today‚Äôs technology central heating and a/c unit? That is an interesting question to say the […]

Ready for it this time

Last year when monsoon season hit us here in the southwest I was not very prepared for it. And suppose me, I suffered immense time. But this year I am ready! This is because I purchased a whole beach beach house whole-house air purifier to go into our central heating plus air conditioner. I had […]

A flipped switch fixed

it When our central heating plus air conditioner went out last it was very horrible because I made a fool of myself. I called the local heating plus a/c business for them to send out a certified heat plus air conditioning specialist to repair our central heating plus cooling unit. Well when they got here […]

The price of not taking care of things

But I want to be on the safe side because I never want to have our central heating plus air conditioner die on me again love that to where I have to invest in a totally brand current central heat plus air conditioning unit When you do not keep up with things you could end […]

Still relaxing after all these years

The heat plus a/c supplier in my area has been around for over 50 years with the same owners! I know that is quite amazing, then they are in their elderly years now, but when they leave us their adolescents are going to take over the supplier to keep it going. That is a easily […]