Author: Alan

Christening the new sun room and HVAC addition

Now, it feels like our house. We are able to enjoy this space a whole lot more now that we are getting the most from it. And that starts with opening this place up. Because really, that’s what this house has needed since we moved here. But when we first got here, we were just […]

Forget the brother in law and call the HVAC company

I love my wife. And I love just how close she is with her family. I’m actually sort of grateful to be included in that sort of family dynamic. It’s really very cool indeed. That said, I have no problem telling my brother in law that, while I appreciate the gesture, I’ll be calling the […]

Work and HVAC schedule coincide

It’s winter so I’m sleeping a bit later. And that’s fine with me. While we aren’t dealing with the sort of winter which requires a boiler or a gas furnace, it can still get really chilly around here. Morning is the worst time for me. So I adjust my work schedule to reflect the later […]

Getting the most from the HVAC unit this winter

So being an adult and a grown up can be tougher than it looks. And as a new homeowner, I’m learning that quite well. But that’s okay as well. There is nothing wrong with admitting where we can do better. And for sure, when you own your own home, you sort of have to get […]

Keep the HVAC maintenance coming

I don’t have to worry about calling the HVAC company to schedule the HVAC maintenance any longer. That’s because I finally got smart and left that sort of stuff up to the HVAC company. I mean, they are the HVAC professionals so why not let them do the scheduling of the HVAC maintenance. Plus, I […]