Author: Alan

The Ice Cold Sea is Calling to Cool Me Down

I usually take my frigid plunge into the Mediterranean Sea around 930am each morning. The air is still quite crisp at this time of the day however it particularly wakes myself and others up and charges myself and others for the day. I come beach house right after the dip to jump in the hot […]

A Nice Cup of Green Tea and a Good Book

I like the easy things in life like a superb cup of Dunkin Donuts Latte and a fiction book next to my crackling fireplace. I also like living with my superb guy, who walked into my life a year ago and changed my life forever for the better. She was laboring at the local supplier […]

A Heated Day on the Beach With the HighSchoolers

I just came back from the beach at noon as well as it was packed with high universityers on a Friday. I asked 1 of them if it was a university holiday today as well as they said no, they just skipped university today because the weather was so nice. I could see wanting to […]