Winter time isn’t nearly as awful as summer.

Over the last few years, I have worked at three Heating plus A/C companies in odd parts of the country.

  • My wife Ed is in the military, so all of us transport to wherever she is stationed.

Being a Heating plus A/C specialist makes it very straight-forward to find a new task, however the weather is never the same. I have decided, however, that I love toiling in cold areas than in warm areas. I don’t believe Winter time is nearly as awful for Heating plus A/C specialists as the Summer is. When you’re toiling in the house on the furnace, you are out of the harsh elements, however you don’t need to worry about heavy rain or snow falling on you as well as chilling your body to the bone, however even though I might be in a basement when the heat is out, all I need to do is put on our gloves as well as wear our heavy clothing under our Heating plus A/C uniform. I must confess that when all of us were up north, I enjoyed going out in the snow, then people are nice when they suppose you’re the Heating plus A/C specialist who is going to make it warm again, then some people get aggravated because it took so long to get to their place, however once they hear the furnace come to life, their anger is forgotten. When all of us were down in the south, I had to be outside to work on the a/c unit. I sat in our HVAC service van waiting for a thunderstorm to pass, as well as the homeowner got very angry. I was sorry, however there was no way I was toiling on metal A/C equipment while lightning is striking every several seconds.
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I thought girls would flock to an A/C specialist.

I was a military brat, which means my Dad as well as all us kids followed our dad to every different military base they assigned him to… By the time I was fourteen, I had been to many countries that most people never even dream of, and attended many middle schools before I graduated! I Was much younger, I enjoyed traveling all over, however when I got older, I wanted real friends.

I wanted stability, as well as I wanted to have a house of our own, after I graduated from middle school, I went back to the states as well as went to Heating plus A/C tech school.

My dad thought I should join the military, however this is our life as well as not his; The only real lesson I had acquired from our dad, and I wish I hadn’t, was that ladies regularly flocked to boys in uniform. I thought that our Heating plus A/C uniform was going to have girls flocking to me, even though I was dead wrong, very few people took a second look at the Heating plus A/C specialist that came into their home. I could spend hours toiling on their a/c, furnace, ventilation system, or even a ductless Heating plus A/C, as well as most people just went biased if I wasn’t even there. The only time I legitimately got to talk to a homeowner was whenever I was showing them the bill as well as telling them what was wrong with her Heating plus A/C. Wearing the Heating plus A/C uniform wasn’t as glamorous or girl catching as I thought it was going to be, heating plus A/C was the stability I was looking for, as well as a decade later, I owned a house as well as found our wife when not in uniform.

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The phone was ringing off the hook.

I got a frantic phone call from my secretary last week.

She was stressed out because the phone was ringing non-stop.

She told me she hadn’t had time to eat her lunch or drink her coffee. People were going crazy and everyone wanted an HVAC technician to their house yesterday. I chuckled and told her to take a deep breath. I was on my way into work, and my wife was coming along. I knew the HVAC company got extremely busy over the holidays, and my secretary should be getting used to it. The difference was that this year, my secretary was waiting for her daughter to call and tell her she was a grandmother. My wife walked over and gave Mary a hug and told her to go get something to eat. She asked her to bring a cup of coffee for her on her way back to work. When Mary left, my wife told me I should quit laughing at her, and it would be nice if I gave her a big bonus. She really did work hard for the HVAC company and she did an excellent job. My wife wasn’t sure she could handle the stress as well as Mary had. I gave her a hug, swatted her butt, and sent her out to the desk. She was next up to handle the rest of the crazies who called throughout the day. When Mary came back to the HVAC company, she was all smiles. While she was at lunch, her daughter called and said she was the proud grandmother of a little boy.

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Mother said there would be days like this, but not weeks.

I asked who complained about me now? He showed me the letter and told me no one complained.

I kept remembering what my mom would say when I had a particularly bad day at school. She would sing the song, ‘Momma says’ that goes momma said there would be days like this. I could understand there being days like this, but I was having weeks. I was having weeks on end of people yelling at me and making me feel like the worst HVAC technician in history. One lady told me to get out of her house, and never come back. An old man chased me out of the basement, and said there was a place for thieves like me, just because he didn’t like the bill. This had been going on for weeks, and I was ready to say I wanted to give up on being an HVAC technician. My boss called me into the office, two days after I finished penning my resignation. He told me he had received that I had been nominated as one of the top HVAC technicians in the area. I couldn’t even smile, but I didn’t believe him. I asked who complained about me now? He showed me the letter and told me no one complained. He really did receive the letter. I’m not sure what shocked me most; the fact that I received a good word about my work, or that he hadn’t received any complaints in the last two days. Maybe things were going to turn around, and I would be a top HVAC technician again, but I wasn’t going to count on it. I was sure people were getting stressed over the upcoming holidays, and it would just get worse over the next couple of weeks.

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All I worked with was the inventory.

When I turned sixteen, my dad asked me if I wanted a job? He needed someone to work in the parts room and do the inventory.

I loved the job and it gave me enough money to purchase a car and have some money to go out with my friends. I didn’t have time to get bored after school, and I could go out on dates without needing to ask for money from my parents. I felt like I had it made back then. I worked there for almost two years before I thought about making it a permanent job. I was alone in the shop all afternoon while the HVAC technicians were working, and the secretary left early. My dad had left to take mom to the doctor’s and it was just me. A customer called and started rattling on about what was happening with her furnace. I tried to tell her there were no HVAC technicians available, but she wasn’t listening. She kept asking if I could diagnose the furnace for her and tell her if it was an emergency. I told her I was just the head of inventory, and she would need to wait for an answer. One of the HVAC technicians should be back in about half an hour. She told me she couldn’t wait and once again said it was an emergency. I asked for her name and phone number and told her the owner of the HVAC commpany would return shortly, and I would have him call. This mollified her, and she said that would be perfect. She wanted to tell him I was a poor excuse for an HVAC technician.


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