My friend’s great idea

My good friend had a great idea to improve the heating in his home and save money in the long run.

He invested in radiant heated floors! I had been thinking about doing it myself, but it wasn’t until my friend did it and I got to see and feel how great his was that I actually went through and made the investment.

It was pretty expensive to get radiant heated floors, and I had to actually get a home improvement loan from my bank in order to even be able to afford them. There was no HVAC company payment plan or anything. You had to buy the radiant heated floors all at once. Also in my case, I had to pay for the installation of tile flooring since I previously had carpets with cement under them. So getting these radiant heated floors was a huge task and very pricey. But in the long run, I know I will save a lot of money on my monthly energy bills. And in a few years time with all that savings I will be having on electric, the radiant heated floors, the installation of the radiant heated floors as well as the tile flooring installation will all pay for itself. If it was not for my friend doing this first and me getting to see the wonderful results of radiant heated floors first hand, I would have never went through with it. I will be looking forward to reaping the cash benefits of the energy savings from the radiant heated floors within the next year!

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The way it used to be

I was thinking the other day about how things used to be when it came to heating and cooling your home. Back when I was growing up central heating and air conditioning systems were way too expensive for the average working class joe to be able to afford one. Only the well to do and the rich could afford central heating and air conditioning at that time. The rest of us had to deal with gas furnaces for our heating and window air conditioning units and fans for our cooling. It was a completely different time. And although I have fond childhood memories of our old gas furnace and portable air conditioning system, I am thankful that the cost of central heating and air conditioning went down almost 30 years ago now to where the average joe could afford it. I would not want to go back to those olden days of heating and air conditioning. It was much more difficult to maintain, and also, you did not get quality heating and air conditioning flowing through your home when the weather was either ultra hot or ultra cold. The gas furnaces in those days and especially the window air conditioning units could not handle that kind of extreme weather. I tried to tell my kids about all of this. Of course, they didn’t understand that before they were born, heating and air conditioning was not such a given thing in a normal residential home in the united states of america! I am thankful for today’s HVAC technology.
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It didn’t work today

I have a programmable smart thermostat.

Usually it works really great and makes running my central heating and air conditioning system so smooth.

But today, it did not work so well. I had programmed the smart thermostat to turn off when I left for work in the morning, which it did. Then I had it programmed to come back on to the central air conditioning setting when I was on my way home. Well, that didn’t happen. And I ended up coming home to an inferno! I checked the smart thermostat to see if I could figure out what was going on and why the programming did not work. I could not find an answer. I am going to try to reprogram the programmable smart thermostat tomorrow. If the same thing happens, I am going to have no choice but to pick up the phone and call the local heating and air conditioning company and have them schedule an HVAC home services appointment for one of their most certified heat and a/c specialists to come out and repair the programmable smart thermostat. That is going to be the only course of action I could take. And of course, it will cost me a few bucks or so. It could very well be time for a new programmable smart thermostat. This could be the reason why it is not working right. The batteries are fine because I just changed them, so I know it is not that. We shall see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully, it was just a fluke and I will not have to call the local heating and air conditioning company.

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My neighbors are getting a divorce

My neighbors are going to be getting a divorce in the next few months and it’s got a lot to do with their heating and cooling system! I know that that sounds crazy, but that’s what the wife told me a few weeks ago.

She is pretty good friends with the wife from next door and the wife told her that she is sick and tired of dealing with the heating and cooling system at their house.

She said that her husband is always messing around with it and she thinks that he is trying to burn the house down with her in it! My wife says that she sounded like she was joking, but I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t the truth. She said that they have a gas furnace, and that her husband likes to keep the heating system set to what feels like boiling inside of their house all the time. Meanwhile, she it’s going through menopause and she doesn’t want to have the heating system turned on at all in their house. That’s what they fight about all the time. Whenever they have to decide where they want the temperature settings on the thermostat set, they just end up getting into an argument about it every single time. I thought that it was ridiculous to hear that the main reason that they were splitting up was because of their HVAC system and the thermostat settings! I think that they should really be able to figure that whole problem out and save their marriage. Maybe they could get zone control HVAC or something like that.


My neighbors are getting a divorce

I broke my ankle last week

I broke my ankle last week whenever I was trying to clean the air ducts in our house.

I was on a stepladder upstairs whenever I tripped over my own feet and ended up twisted on the ground. I know that it was a dumb move on my part, and I never should have been trying to do it in the first place. I just did not want to have to spend any extra money on heating and cooling company bills at this point. See, a few weeks ago, my heating system went on the blink and I had to pay a fortune to get my furnace repaired professionally. I wasn’t about to pay anymore money to the heating and cooling company, even though I needed to get the air ducts cleaned out in my house. I had been reading about how bad it is for you to have dirty air ducts in your house, and I was determined to get the ductwork cleaned out in my house, along with all of my heating and cooling vents. I thought that I would be able to do it myself, and I probably could have, if I was not so clumsy. I was up on the stepladder upstairs in the hallway, and had just finished unscrewing the vent cover from the heating vent that’s up in the ceiling in the hallway. That’s when I somehow missed a step and tripped over my own feet. I fell off the ladder and twisted my ankle underneath me and I think that’s when it broke. I ended up having to go to the hospital and get it casted. And the worst part of all this is that I still haven’t gotten my ductwork cleaned out in my house!


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