The fireplace that we had this year was great

I have always wanted a fireplace in our house, but up until this year, we have never had one.

I have somehow never ended up living in a house with a fireplace, even though I have always wanted to.

My grandparents used to have an old wood burning fireplace back in the day whenever I was a kid growing up in the southern part of the country. That old wood burning fireplace was actually the only source of heating that my grandparents ever had because they didn’t really need another heating source. It never really used to get all that cold there when I was growing up. I used to love sitting by that fireplace when I was a kid. So that’s probably why I ended up always wanting a wood burning fireplace myself as an adult. However, somehow, it just never ended up that way for me. Every house that I lived in over the years had an electric furnace, a gas furnace, or a wood burning stove in it as the heating source. I just never had a wood burning fireplace like the one that I always wanted. This year though, at long last, my sweet husband had a wood burning fireplace installed at our house for me. It was a huge pain to get it installed, but the HVAC company did a really great job. It was my Christmas present, and I thoroughly enjoyed having it in the house during the holiday season. It made everything seem much more cozy and special. I am very excited to have my new wood burning fireplace and I look forward to using it for years to come!

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The heating system in my kids’ art school is torn up

My kids go to art class every single week, but last week when they went to class, the heating system was torn up. The temperature outside was really cold last week, and my kids wore their big winter coats into class. However, later on, I found out that they weren’t able to take their coats off the whole time they were in class. That’s because the heating system in the school was completely torn up. I don’t know what was going on with the heating system, but for some reason the school was having issues with it. I guess the whole entire place was cold on the inside, and the teachers were wearing their winter coats inside too. I had never heard about anything like this happening before in the art school so it was a little bit surprising to me. You would think that they would have canceled classes that day since the heating system wasn’t working and the weather outside was so cold. They just kept right on trucking along though, and before the class was over, I saw an HVAC maintenance truck pull into the parking lot. A couple of HVAC maintenance guys went inside the lobby of the school, so I assume they were trying to get the heating back up and running. I really hope that they have everything fixed by the time they have their class next week. Otherwise, I’m going to complain! I don’t think that they should be holding classes if the furnace system is torn up inside of the school building.



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Our neighbor Andrew wants a thermostat like ours

Our neighbor Andrew is the weirdest guy that I have ever met.

  • It’s not like he’s a dangerous sort of weird, but he is certainly weird nonetheless.

He is always wanting to know what we are doing at our house and what sort of things we’ve been working on as far as home improvement goes. It’s like he doesn’t have any ideas of his own, and he just wants to make sure that he’s not missing out on anything. Recently, we had an HVAC technician come out to the house to do some heating maintenance for us and change out our air filters. They also did some ductwork cleaning and while they were at it, we had them put in a new smart thermostat system for us. We have been needing a new thermostat for quite awhile, and we figured that since they were already there to do all the other HVAC work we would just go ahead and let them put in the new thermostat unit too. Well, I could see Andrew out in his front yard peering across the street to see what was going on at our house. I guess he figured out that we were having some work done on our HVAC system, because by the time the day was over, he was over at our house asking what was going on. He asked to come in, and then he wanted to see the new thermostat system. He asked all kinds of questions about the new smart thermostat, and by the time he finally left, he had basically told us that he was going to call and have the same thermostat installed at his house.

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My husband thinks I'm crazy when it comes to our dog

I will be the first to admit that I spoil our dog more than I probably should, but my husband thinks that I have gone completely off the deep end.

Just because I called up our local heating and cooling company to have them come out and give me a preliminary estimate on the heating and cooling system for the doghouse in the backyard, he thinks that I’ve lost my mind. We ended up getting into a really big fight about it because I felt like he was really just being mean to me about the whole thing. He knows how much I love our dog, and he was mean to me about getting the dog house built in the first place. When I told him that I wanted to get a heating and cooling system installed in the doghouse, he got this look on his face like I had grown another head or some horns. It made me really mad and I told him that just because the dog is a dog, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need a furnace or his very own air conditioning system. My husband started laughing at me when I said that the dog needed air conditioning in his doghouse. He actually told me that he thought that I had gone crazy! That made me furious and I told him that he could sleep outside in the doghouse himself if that’s how he felt about it. He said that if we were going to turn the doghouse into a mansion or something with a great heating and cooling system in it, he might as well just go ahead and live out there.



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If you ever date an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional, make sure he isn’t the a single that you use

If you ever decide that you’re going to date an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional, you better make sure that he’s not the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional that covers the area where you live! I somehow ended up making this mistake, plus it has made our life really complicated lately… See, last year, I ended up dating the guy who came to our apartment to service our heating system for me, and he was a super good looking Heating plus Air Conditioning professional, plus he was friendly plus funny.

When he first showed up at the apartment to service the heating system for me, I could not know our good luck.

I had not been meeting multiple men lately plus so when he asked myself and others out for brunch, I said yes instantaneously. Well all of us got along honestly well plus ended up dating for almost an entire year, then right around our a single year anniversary was when I found out that he was seeing someone else on this side! It turned out that he was a large jerk, but of course, I ended up dumping him plus moving on with our life, however but then a few weeks ago I ended up having some troubles with our electric heating system. When I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier, they sent someone out instantaneously, but unfortunately for me, that someone ended up being our ex-bestie! I could not know it when I saw him get out of the Heating plus Air Conditioning service truck in our driveway. I think that I should have specified to them that I did not want him coming to our apartment to service our heating system. However, he explained to myself and others that he has the only guy who covers the area where I live.

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