The Breaker Tripped and It Shut Down A/C System

As soon as my A/C stopped working, I knew right away.

The November temperatures were sky high, reaching ninety degrees every afternoon, so the heat was palpable. When I realized that there was no longer cool air pumping through my air vents, I contacted the Heating and A/C company right away. With ninety degree temperatures and one hundred percent humidity, I didn’t have time to waste. I wasn’t the only person with a broken A/C unit though, so I had to wait several minutes before an Heating and A/C professional could make it to my site. In the meantime, I closed all the curtains and blinds and I didn’t dare open a single window or door. I didn’t want any of my remaining air escaping and I entirely didn’t want the sunshine heating my new home up naturally! By the time the Heating and A/C professional arrived though, I was boiling and I was desperate for a fix. At this point, I was willing to pay any amount of currency just to have my house cool again. The Heating and A/C professional worked tirelessly in the heat until he found the issue. My breaker had tripped and it shut down my A/C plan entirely. Once he tripped the breaker, the A/C began flowing through the air vents again. I was glad that there was nothing easily wrong with my A/C system, despite the fact that I was embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of something that straight-forward before. I spent an unnecessary amount of currency on an Heating and A/C professional when all I needed to do was flip a switch in my garage.

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Adding Central Heat and Air to Basement

The best part about my house and arguably most people else’s preferred aspect is the basement.

  • I had the basement completely finished off a year ago and it’s been the most used room in my house.

I do a lot of entertaining down there for major events and games and it’s become the spot to be. While I think the space is amazing and there’s a lot of superb things to care about about it, the reason it’s the most used space is because it is temperature controlled. One of the biggest things I wanted in my finished basement was a source of heat and air because I knew it would never be used without it. I considered installing a ductless system, despite the fact that I decided to extend my central Heating and A/C plan with a minute zone. My company was able to extend the existing HVAC duct into the basement and set up the minute zone for me, but having central heat and air in my basement keeps the entire space at a comfortable temperature consistently. I never have to worry about the temperature down there because the Heating and A/C plan is constantly running. If I would have installed the ductless system, I would have needed to turn the plan on every time I wanted to use the space and that wasn’t practical for me. I knew I would not use the basement if I needed to wait for the temperature to acweather conditions. Installing the central Heating and A/C plan to the basement was one of the best decisions I made during the renovation.

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Finding a New Furnace Before the Cooler Weather

With the fall season approaching and the cooler weather coming, I’ve been thinking about my gas furnace a lot, last season, the gas furnace needed to be repaired twice and it wasn’t cheap.

I didn’t like paying for unwanted Heating and A/C repairs since I’ve constantly been diligent about having my Heating and A/C plan maintained twice per year.

I believe that it’s not the Heating and A/C professional’s fault, it’s the fault of my gas furnace since it’s so old. I still wasn’t sure if it was time to have my gas furnace replaced, during my last Heating and A/C tune up, I asked the Heating and A/C professional what he thought about having my gas furnace replaced with something newer versus saving the currency and waiting; Without hesitation, he told me that it was time to replace the gas furnace. It wasn’t heating my new home efficiently anymore, it was costing me to have it repaired, and it was over a decade old, but knowing all of this, it made more financial sense to purchase a new gas furnace rather than keep my existing one. If I kept the existing gas furnace, I would spend more currency in the long run compared to purchasing a new one. Deep down, I knew this was true. The price tag was big for a new gas furnace, however again, I didn’t want to spend more currency on repairs and repair when the gas furnace wasn’t heating my new home efficiently anymore. Since that appointment, I’ve been researching which gas furnace to install and I’m waiting on an bid from the Heating and A/C company. I’d like to have the new gas furnace installed before the temperature drops.
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Does Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioning?

Flood damage to your AC may not be covered by your house insurance.

A house insurance policy covers disfigures & losses to 1’s home. What numerous homeowners don’t suppose & wonder is: does house insurance cover ? Say your air conditioner is disfigured, needs repair, or is old & needs to be updated. Is it covered? The first thing you need to suppose is that house insurance doesn’t cover an old or in need of repair AC. A house warranty might cover that. In particular scenarios, house insurance may cover an AC. Fire, water, theft, vandalism, & weather-related damage are all possible causes that can be covered. You may be covered by your house insurance if your AC is disfigured by bad weather such as lightning, hail, or winds. Your house insurance may also cover your device if a tree fell on it & disfigured it. Your house insurance may also cover your AC if it is disfigured by fire or if a pipe bursts that requires you to repair or update it. Flood damage to your AC may not be covered by your house insurance. AC units are rarely stolen, however your house insurance may cover damage caused by vandalism to your unit. You may need to file a police report before filing an insurance claim if your device is stolen or vandalized. Now that you’ve learnt how homeowners insurance covers Heating, Ventilation & A/C, how do you file the claims? Before you file any claims, it’s vital that you first learn & understand the satisfied of your homeowners insurance policy. When filing a claim, take a clear picture of the disfigured AC, note down the AC model & serial number, talk to your insurance adjustor, keep receipts for any repairs done, & give receipts to your insurance provider for reimbursement.


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Why Does Your AC Run Constantly?

Imagine arriving house on a hot summer time day.

You relax on your sofa & like the cool air being circulated inside by your AC.

Your AC doesn’t turn on & off as it normally does. Instead, your AC runs continuously. The indoor air temperature doesn’t seem to be increasing despite the thermostat readings being low. Your energy bills are also skyrocketing. There’s easily something wrong, however you don’t suppose why your air conditioner won’t stop. Why does this happen? Many homeowners suffer from AC continuously running. ACs can experience this for a variety of reasons. Heating, Ventilation & A/C professionals can solve the problem, but. Dirt & debris may cover the evaporator coil of an AC that hasn’t been diagnosed for a long time. Even if you recently diagnosed the evaporator coil, it may be covered with dirt. It can happen if it’s near a busy eating establishment family room where it collects a lot of grime. Dirt or debris may clog your air filter. Consequently, your air conditioner may have to run longer if the flow of air is restricted. A faulty thermostat may also be to blame for your air conditioner consistently running. The AC may not suppose how to turn off when the ideal temperature is reached when your thermostat is faulty. Check if the indoor temperature is below the set point to see if your thermostat is faulty. Your thermostat may need to be updated if that has the case. A leaky duct can also make the AC run consistently. Your building’s ductwork can leak if it’s old. Duct leaks may cause indoor cool air to escape. Your AC will keep running if this cool air keeps escaping through the leaks.

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