Repairing Your Plumbing After a Flood

It takes a long time to recover from a hurricane.

If your home has been flooded, you may not discover hidden plumbing damage until a licensed plumber conducts a thorough inspection.

When floodwater recedes, dirt and silt are left behind as a residue. Floodwater could clog any drains in your home. DIY tools such as a plunger or a plumbing snake can often clear these clogs. But if you’re worried about damage down the pipe and are planning on a professional plumbing inspection anyway, you may want to leave these drains as-is until your plumber gives you the all-clear. Floating or flying debris, structural failure, or wind damage will likely require the replacement of plumbing fixtures. But those that are undamaged will still need some TLC in the form of a thorough cleaning with diluted bleach. For faucets and shower heads, you may need to disassemble them and soak the parts in bleach to prevent mold growth. Your home’s pipes are at risk from flying debris from a hurricane as well as floating debris from a flood. Until floodwater recedes and is completely removed from a home, you may not even notice that a pipe is cracked or broken. While you wait for your plumbing inspection, shut off the water at the main valve if you notice new puddles after the floodwater has receded. All that standing water and the saturated soil beneath create a crushing weight. Unfortunately, buried water and waste lines may fail under this load. One or more of these lines may have collapsed under your lawn if sinkholes appear after the water recedes. A plumber may need to conduct a camera inspection to confirm. Shifting foundations can cause pipes to break. Floods can cause foundation damage if the saturated soil beneath the foundation moves. Plumbing pipes are just one type of building material that may be damaged as a result of this unsteady ground. Foundation repair must be completed before certain pipes can be replaced.



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The roof at my job needs to be replaced

Fixing these leaks as they occur is a waste of money because the roof is old and obviously it needs to be replaced

I work in a construction office in the downtown area of my town. This company has been in business since 1984 and they have been in the same location since it opened its doors. I began working for this company about 10 years ago and I must admit, besides a few minor upgrades nothing has really changed with the building. Unfortunately, the building is pretty old and it’s beginning to deteriorate. For instance, the roof began leaking in certain spots a few years ago, and the owners have worked with the roofing contractor to fix the leaks as they occurred. But the entire roof needs to be replaced, but I assume that it’s an expensive cost that the owners do not want to cover. I assume insurance would cover the cost of a damaged roof, but I am not sure how that works when it comes to commercial spaces. Either way, the leaks have gotten worse over the years. Recently, I had to switch my office because I discovered a leak after we had some heavy rainfall. My IT guy didn’t want to risk my equipment getting water damaged, so he suggested that I switch offices until the owners could get the roof fixed. The commercial roofing company came in and were there for a few hours and they were able to fix the leak over my office area. However, a couple weeks later, there was another leak inside our small conference room. Fixing these leaks as they occur is a waste of money because the roof is old and obviously it needs to be replaced. But it doesn’t seem like the owners are willing to do that.

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Clean Common Summer Time Stains

Throughout the summer, there is no shortage of outdoor activities, including family barbecues, beach days, games in the yard, and nights at the ice cream shop.

However, fun activities can leave unexpected stains! Make a solution of two parts water and one part white vinegar for grass stains.

Put clothes in the solution for 15 minutes. After soaking, dab the stain to help lift it before washing with enzyme-based detergent. Blot grease stains with a paper towel to remove them. Directly apply dishwashing liquid to the splatter. After allowing the liquid to saturate the area for a few minutes, wash the garment. To clean stains left from sunscreen, blot with a dry cloth. Apply corn flour to the stain to help absorb any remaining oil. For approximately 30 minutes, leave on. Remove any powder residue and rub with a gentle detergent after the time has elapsed. Soak for 30 minutes in hot water and detergent. Then, throw in the laundry and wash as directed on the care label. For ice cream stains, gently wipe, or blot if it’s liquid. Dab laundry detergent onto the stain and rinse with cold water. Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. Place clothing in a tub or sink of cold water. Let it sit for another 30 minutes. Rinse and wash regularly. Got ketchup or mustard stains on your clothes? Use a knife or spoon to lift any remaining condiments off the fabric. Turn the affected clothing inside out and run under cold water to help push the stain out. Apply liquid laundry detergent to assist in rubbing out the stain. Once you no longer see any hint of the stain apply a stain remover and allow it to saturate for about five minutes. If the stain is not fully removed, apply more detergent. Once there is no stain remaining, wash in the washing machine per label instructions.


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We needed Residential Bee Removal services at the apartment building. (hornets)

I had never seen very many bees, and the bees that were hanging around the lights outside and the lit windows were huge.

  • They were nearly two inches long, and they were only out at night.

As many times as I went in and out of the building at night, the bees never bothered me, but I was still wary. I called the department of agriculture and I was told they were not aggressive, but hung out around lights and lit windows to eat the bugs. He said that if there were too many, we could call a residential bee removal company and they would find where the bees were nesting through the day and remove them. I didn’t want the bees to be exterminated because there were fewer gnats and mosquitoes when they were outside. They did the job of the bats we didn’t see in our area. When the residential bee removal service owner arrived two days later, he searched the area and said it could take several days to locate their nest. He was going to show up at night and follow where the bees went to when the sun was rising. As much as I didn’t enjoy having the bees hanging out on the doorstep and around the streetlights, I hated the bugs even more. I asked him if he would remove the bees and move them, and he said he wasn’t sure he could do that job. He said if we didn’t want the bees exterminated, we should have called someone else. I called four residential bee removal services before finding one that would move the bees away from the residence without killing them.

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Changing our air filters in window air conditioners can save you money

I moved into a small apartment recently and it has the type of air conditioners that sit inside of the windows.

It took me a while to get used to this method of air conditioning, but I have to stay that it isn’t too bad. I rarely ever feel like I don’t feel air conditioning, and when I don’t, I use the ceiling fan to help redirect that air towards me. I wasn’t sure what the upkeep for something like this would be, so I researched some tips to help me keep the air conditioners in the best shape that I can. I read that swapping out the air filters regularly would really help the air conditioner not work harder than it needs to. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know that those units had air filters in them and had to check to believe it for myself. They seem pretty lousy compared to the air filters you would replace in an HVAC, but I think I just have to work with what I have. When the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, it uses less electricity which in turns saves you money on your electric bill. I am all about saving money now that I am living on my own. It’s really hard to go from splitting everything to having to pay for everything independently. I know that it will get easier with time, especially as I get acclimated to my new full time job and receive consistent paychecks from that. It will all happen in the right timing.



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