It turns out I could service the a/c

My mom called me plus said that her a/c wasn’t laboring well in her house, but i told her to call up an Heating plus A/C supplier because I know nothing about Heating plus A/C repair… Still, she insisted that I come plus take a look.

  • I am a plumper, not an Heating plus A/C professional, but and yet, most of the family thinks I can do all sorts of dwelling service for some reason.

Anyway, I went over to my moms house. Sure enough, it was sizzling in there. She had all of her windows open plus her ceiling fans on, but that didn’t help much because it was sizzling outside too. I turned on the a/c then went to see if frigid air came out of the vents. It did not. Then I observed that the vent I was looking at was covered with plastic wrap. I went plus looked at the other vents in the house. 9 out of 10 of the vents was covered up with plastic wrap. I asked my mom about it plus she said that the draft was disappointing for her dove. I unwrapped all of the vents except for the ones right next to the cage! Now the home is cooling down again. So mom is cheerful. She understands that she can’t cover all of the a/c vents if she wants air conditioning, then however, now she is telling everyone that I fixed her a/c. That is just great. Now more of the family is going to call me for Heating plus A/C service plus I am not going to be able to help unless they too covered up their vents.

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Power outage makes cooling system stop working

A big thunderstorm came through last night as well as knocked our power out.

Since it was late at night I didn’t worry too much about it.

Instead, I just sat up reading my e-reader for about an hour then my buddy and I went to bed early. A few hours later I was woken up when the power came back on as well as a light turned on in the house. Not a large deal. I thought I would be able to go right back to sleep. Not! I found that I was tossing as well as turning a lot although I just could not get comfortable. I felt actually sizzling so I got up again as well as worked on the control unit. It was set to 70 degrees. However, the control device learn 68 degrees. I assumed that it was because the power had been out for a few hours. I tried to go back to sleep by telling myself that it would cool down soon. I still couldn’t sleep. Then I observed that the air conditioner wasn’t even blowing air. It should be if it is trying to cool down the house. I got up again as well as messed with the control unit. Still, nothing happened. I knew I wasn’t going to get anymore sleep that night. The temperature in the cabin kept climbing as well as it was only 2 hours before my alarm was set to go off. I decided to call in sick to work. I can’t work with only 3 hours of sleep. Besides, I actually need to stay cabin so that the Heating, Ventilation and A/C dealer can fix the air conditioner. I imagine it is just a blown fuse or something like that. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed ASAP so I can sleep tonight as well as go into work tomorrow.

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There is a learning curve when opening up a new business

I’ve managed to grocery store before and I know how to use a washer and dryer so I thought I was ready to own a laundromat.

It turned out to be a little bit more difficult than I thought. The first month I noticed that it was impossible to keep the laundromat cool. It was always very hot and humid and people were not happy about it. I didn’t want to lose the existing customers so I called out an HVAC company. The technician explained that the humidity was from all the washers and the dryers added to the heat. My existing air conditioning system simply was not ready to handle all of this heat and humidity. The technician suggested that I get a new HVAC system and add dehumidifiers. This was a huge expense and I was not sure I can afford after buying the laundromat. It took a few months, but I was finally able to take out an additional business loan to pay for the repairs. Thankfully it didn’t cost me too much more every month. Then I called the HVAC company back to get to work. They were able to install really good air conditioning along with the dehumidifiers that were suggested. Thankfully a lot of my customers stuck around and they notice the cool air right away. When summer rolled around I was very grateful for my decision as I started getting more and more customers to my laundromat. I guess word was spreading that I had a great air conditioning system and people were coming from other laundromats to use mine instead. Fixing an air conditioner system actually ended up paying for itself over about a two year’s time. I have learned a lot about running a laundromat since I purchased this place.


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Why can’t my family close the door to the laundry room?

There are no HVAC vents in our laundry room.

That, combined with the fact that there are dryer vents leading outside, makes the laundry room always very hot and uncomfortable.

It’s basically the same temperature as the air outside. Since the door leading to the laundry room is sealed, this really isn’t a big issue unless someone leaves the laundry room door open. The thermostat for the HVAC system is right next to the laundry room so that means that if the laundry room door is left open the thermostat feels the warm air and it runs the air conditioner constantly. It should be a simple thing to just leave the laundry room door closed. Apparently it’s not. Over the past six months there have been multiple occasions where someone has failed to close the laundry room door and the air conditioner has made the rest of the house very cold. It happened last night. We were all asleep and we woke up to a very cold morning. Last week, someone left the laundry room open before we went to work and we came home to a freezing cold house. This makes for some pretty expensive electric bills and I’m not sure what to do about it. I checked that the door is closed often but I can’t be on top of it all of the time. I’m thinking of getting some sort of an alarm installed or maybe I can just get a self-closing door put in so that the door can’t be left open. I don’t know. if all else fails, maybe we can just move the thermostat away from the laundry room so that at least the air conditioner wouldn’t run constantly when the door is left open.

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Bats in my attic and ductwork

Last week I was startled awake by a strange noise in my HVAC vent and it took me several minutes to figure out what I was hearing.

Initially, I thought that maybe an old sock or something had gotten into the vent and was flapping around.

Then, after a bit, I realize that the sound must be some kind of an animal, perhaps a bird, that had gotten stuck into the ductwork. But then I heard a squeaking sound, almost like a mouse makes, and then I realized it must be a bat that was in my HVAC vent system. I didn’t sleep anymore that night. After a while, the fluttering calm down but it didn’t go away entirely. I called up animal control but they suggested I call a pest service instead. The pest service came out and they set up traps to get the bats out of my attic and relocate them. Evidently, my attic was infested with bats. They also took apart my entire ventilation system and it removed some of the bats. Finally, the bats were all gone and I had to hire an HVAC company to come and repair the vents that the bats head been in. I also wanted a thorough ductwork cleaning as I was concerned that I had been breathing all of that bat guano for months on end. I also hired a professional cleaner to clean up my attic. It cost me a lot of money for everything to be cleaned and the bets to be rehomed like they were but now my attic is sealed off and it shouldn’t happen ever again. What a nightmare this was.

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