If I can only figure out how to clean the AC unit, I could ‌repair it.

My wife and her mother went into the city to see a Broadway show last weekend. When she kissed me goodbye, she whispered in my ear that she wanted me to behave. I knew what she meant by behaving. She didn’t want me to ‌repair or clean any appliance while she was away. She still remembers the time I cleaned the air conditioning unit. I thought that if I could only figure out how to clean the AC unit, I could also repair it if something went wrong. I hated paying for the repair cost whenever something happened with the AC unit. I had looked over the HVAC technician’s shoulder several times when he was working on the air conditioning unit. There didn’t seem to be that much inside that I could mess up. I knew I couldn’t bend the fan blades when it was being cleaned, because it would cause a rattle that could break the fan blade motor. I noted that, and I was very gentle with the fan blades. I honestly thought I did all the cleaning properly until I turned it back on. When I hit the button to turn the air conditioning unit back on, nothing happened. There were no AC sounds coming from the air conditioning unit, no fan blades moving, and no cooling air flowing into my house. I called the HVAC company and told them I tried to clean the AC unit, and now it didn’t work. A half-hour later, the HVAC technician was at the house, and my wife was coming in the door. I had forgotten to turn the power back on to the air conditioning unit, and he flipped the breaker switch. My wife continues to remind me about it every time she goes away.


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