Author: Alan

Learning about home automation system

When my spouse and I replaced our heating system and air conditioner, we decided it would be a nice idea to also replace our thermostat. I started researching smart thermostats and was amazed by the innovative features. Today‚Äôs generation of thermostats includes the ability to access temperature control inside the home from virtually anywhere. The […]

Convenient features of security systems

I originally looked into a home security system for the sake of the savings on my homeowners insurance, and I figured out that the discount on my payments would cover the investment into the security system. When I researched further, I discovered that new security systems offer a lot of beneficial and convenient features. The […]

How often you should have HVAC repair

It’s really important to have a clean and well maintained HVAC unit, but once every year you should have the system maintained by a repair professional that is trained and skilled in heating and A/C, but having the HVAC component cleaned and maintained can absolutely help add to the benefits of having an indoor system! […]

Help with air flow troubles

I noticed some problems with the airflow in the living room and I decided to contact a local HVAC contractor to see if he could help with the troubles. I really did not know if there was a problem with the heating or a/c or a problem with the ductwork. I knew that the ductwork […]