Author: Alan

My wife is a personal fitness trainer at a local gym

My wife had a dream of running her own restaurant, but that vision started to grow dim after years of abuse at the mercy of mean chefs that would verbally abuse her and her coworkers. Some kitchens are cut throat and the people inside are working with an insane amount of energy. Not everyone is […]

Finding a good 24/7 gym in my city

My new work schedule is fairly crazy as I go to work at 10pm and I finish work at 6am. I do my shopping at the hour when most people are either rising from bed or are in their cars on the way to their own shifts for the day. I like the quiet feeling […]

My gym membership is discounted if I pay an annual fee

In a last ditch effort to stay afloat, these gyms and fitness centers are all vying for the few available customers in the area with competitive membership discounts. I love getting membership discounts on my music streaming software. If you use friend referrals, you can get free months of music streaming service. I started doing […]