Don’t forget to watch the Heating as well as Air Conditioning condensate

I try to cover my bases; it’s true, and sometimes I do this too much.

  • That’s how I was raised; I’d rather be prepared for a situation.

I worry too much about little things, but when it comes to problems around the house, there’s no such thing as little problems. Heating and air conditioning are an example. I rely on an HVAC for my family’s needs. To that end, I work relentlessly to ensure it’s in good shape. I change the filter regularly and have an HVAC repair plan – a very good idea because I don’t have to set up appointments. They come out for the heating in the fall, and, when spring is blossoming, they come for the air conditioning. Along with keeping up with my HVAC chores, I watch the system condensate. This is the moisture that comes from the condensation in the equipment. Normally, it runs out of the drain line away from the house with no problem. However, it’s wise to make sure that the drain line is cleared at least once a year. A backup could cause water damage wherever the system is in the house. You’re better safe than sorry!



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