When I developed allergies, I purchased a UV air purification system

I never had allergies in my life until recently.

I thought this would never happen to me even though everybody else in my family had some form of allergies.

My brother had the worst allergies and I always felt bad for him. He said I was lucky because I never had to experience the red itchy eyes and the constant sneezing. Eventually our parents invested in a powerful air purification system which actually helped everybody out a great deal. More recently in my home, I never had an air purification system. I figured it wasn’t something that we needed. My son had mild allergies, but they seemed to improve with the allergy meds he was taking. We used the air filters designed for people with allergies and that helped a lot as well. When I started experiencing the allergies though, they became horrible in no time. I suddenly felt like I was going to die with my itchy eyes and I could not quit sneezing. My wife explained that this just happens to some people. I said we had to do something and I reached out to the HVAC company. They suggested the UV air purification system and we should upgrade to HEPA filters. I was okay with doing anything that would work, and after these HVAC upgrades, my allergies calmed down tremendously. With my son, his allergies were nearly non-existent and he didn’t have to take his allergy meds all the time. I have to take the meds now, but I couldn’t get by without the UV air purification system working regularly. I also appreciate the fact that it eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.


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