My life is too complicated

When I was younger I thought that I had everything figured out. I went to a good college and got myself a nice girlfriend. From that day onward, I figured I was a success story. We popped out a few kids and I continued to climb the corporate ladder each day at my job. My wife took care of the house and I took care of the finances. And then… my wife announced that she wanted a divorce. Everything ended one day, and I was left alone in my fancy house with my fancy heating, cooling, and ventilation system… but no one to share it with. The thermostat only operated for me, the huge furnace was running each day per my own demands, and the air conditioning system was uselessly pumping ice cold air into a vacant home most of the time. During all of this, I completely lost track of my indoor air quality control chores because my wife had always been responsible for the appliance service and maintenance appointments. I didn’t even know who to call on the morning that I woke up to find my thermostat was completely busted. I got online and started dialing random numbers, but all of the HVAC providers were located in distant cities. It seemed like I was never going to have the time or patience to get my heating system fixed. I decided in that moment, I needed someone to handle the HVAC for me. Life was too complicated on my own. I got online and found a great heating and cooling repair site, where I quickly signed up for a professional service schedule. Now, the HVAC repair shop manages my heating and cooling system for me. I never have to worry about repair or maintenance on my furnace or AC unit. And it’s a lot cheaper than another tense divorce.


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