Daughter Comes to Visit so I have to Turn up the Thermostat

It has been exceptionally cold in many parts of the country this winter.

My brother had snow at his house for the first time since he’s lived there.

He bought the house 5 years ago. Fortunately for him, he replaced the HVAC unit when he purchased the house. The home was absolutely beautiful and is quite large. Because of that, he decided to go with a system known as HVAC with Zone control. By using this modern HVAC technology, he is able to have his thermostat set two different temperatures in different areas of the house. Because he lives alone and the house is so large, there are parts of the home that he never really goes into. For example, he rarely goes into the bedrooms on the second floor. He does have a workout room up there where his treadmill and stuff are, but the other bedrooms are just empty. Unless someone comes to visit, he keeps the heating and cooling system set to a temperature that might not be comfortable for people but is certainly fine otherwise. If he should happen to forget that guests are coming, he can always access his thermostat via his cell phone. The app on his phone allows him to make all kinds of changes to his heating and cooling system. Whatever he needs to do, he can do, no matter where he is. His house is quite lovely but way too big for him. I think he bought the house mostly as an investment banking that the price of housing would go up. He was spot-on the money that time. I have to admit I am quite envious of his Heating and Cooling.

a/c rep