Grandma was the best when she was around

Our grandmother was the most amazing woman alive back in the day.

  • I was always so anxious to go visit her and see other family members who I hadn’t seen in ages.

She was always something special though, she lived to make others happy. Even when we were young and never wanted to do things we considered corny, she would still push us on. We would go to parades, hot air balloon launches, and we had fun at my grandma’s house too. She had irrigation water for her garden and it would flood the whole backyard area. It was actually fun to get your swimming suit on and just relax in an inner tube and play in the water, we used to do that all the time. Then it would be nice and comfortable going back in the house with the perfect temperature control settings. I don’t know if my grandmother just had amazing insulation or what, but it was always so comfortable in her home no matter what time of year it happened to be. She also said her energy bills were not especially costly, so I figured she had an energy efficient HVAC system. There were even times when I would go and crank her AC system and turn on some tunes on the stereo. She actually yelled at me a few times for a couple of reasons. She said the speakers were delicate and I might blow them if I cranked the music too loud. She also got on my case about energy use. She said I was wasting electricity by cranking the AC system and unless I was going to pay her energy bills, she didn’t want me messing with the thermostat. I was able to respect that, and I still always had fun hanging out with my grandmother.
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