I had a family owned HVAC company handle my HVAC installation

When I was looking into various heat and AC products, I actually was intrigued by the rapid heating and cooling systems.

These systems utilize a narrow type of ductwork.

So if you already have ductwork in place, you might have to have it removed or you could potentially install the new ductwork around the old ductwork so you don’t need all that additional work completed. The new style of ductwork is easy to install and easy to maintain on top of that. So I decided to call the local HVAC company to get a quote for the installation of one of these HVAC systems. The first place I called was ridiculously expensive. The next place I got a quote from wasn’t too bad. The last place I called was family owned and they seemed like very friendly people. They were actually slightly more expensive than the second quote I got, but I liked these people so much that I decided to go with them for my new HVAC installation. They did excellent work and they even removed the old ductwork without charging me anything extra which I appreciated immensely. The new rapid heating and cooling system is more than I expected. I honestly cannot believe how fast the system works to heat or cool the house down. I tested it in the middle of the summer. I let the house overheat on purpose and then I turned on the A/C system and I had the house cooled down in approximately 8 minutes. I was so amazed that I had to test the cooling system again with my buddies and they were just as impressed as I was!


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