I had to find a rental

When my buddies and I decided to rent a cabin, it was a pleasant experience for the most part.

We went to a site that wasn’t too far from home.

My buddies originally wanted to go on a road trip, however I said I would rather relax someplace with quiet evenings, drinks, and food. So a single neighbor suggested both of us go to a apartment and both of us all agreed. Everybody pitched in on everything; the price, the food, and the drinks. Well, the apartment rental said there would be a fireplace with plenty of firewood. Sadly, there was no firewood, however the Heating and Air Conditioning system seemed to be toiling alright. I called to complain about the firewood and I was told they would have some delivered in a few nights. I didn’t mind too much since both of us were staying there for the course of the week, and both of us could appreciate the fireplace later on at least. Well, both of us were alright for a few nights until the oil furnace broke down! Suddenly, both of us had no access to heating except for the fireplace. We were so desperate, both of us decided to go out and scouted for wood. We easily found a pretty relaxing amount and both of us were able to relax in front of the fireplace, however both of us kept having to feed the wood into the fireplace. Eventually when both of us ran out of wood for the fireplace, both of us had to go looking for more. I called to complain, however the rental business said they couldn’t get a hold of any Heating and Air Conditioning professionals to repair the oil furnace. I was glad though when the wood delivery arrived, and both of us were able to continue using the fireplace for the rest of our experience. We also got some money back for our issues with the oil furnace.

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