I hurt myself cleaning out our air ducts

I can’t know it, however Last weekI ended up tearing our ankle when I was trying to wash out the air ducts in our house.

It wasn’t the smartest plan that I’ve ever had, that’s for sure, and usually, I called our local heating plus cooling business to come plus do the air duct cleaning for me, however this year I decided that I was going to try plus do it myself instead.

I have been trying to save up some currency because I want to go on a expensive getaway later this year while I was in the summer time when the weather starts heating up, and anyway, the currency that I was going to spend on having our ventilation system cleaned professionally was going to go into our getaway fund instead. At least, that was our original plan… Of course, once I got started, I realized that I do not know the first thing about cleaning air ducts or air vents or really anything about our ventilation system at all. I basically got out our step ladder, our vacuum cleaner, plus some gloves plus I tried to get to work. I did not make it really far, though. I managed to finish cleaning out the heating vents along the floor in the upstairs hallway with the vacuum hose before tripping over our own feet plus whacking our ankle against the bottom of the stepladder. As I was rubbing that ankle with our hand, the vacuum tipped over plus banged against our other ankle plus ended up chipping a bone! I believe saving currency on our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C services is just not in the cards for me.