I snort-laughed when a guy in a mouse costume delivered the food

My son Bob wanted a special shindig for his birthday last year.

He was turning ten and he told myself and my wife that he thought it was going to be the last birthday gathering that he could enjoy plus have fun.

He told myself and others he wanted a clown for his birthday. Since Bob’s birthday was later in the Springtime, his gathering almost didn’t happen. The pandemic was at an all-time high, plus people were asked to stay home. Only a few companies were open because everyone was either sick, or not allowed to leave their homes. Bob was devastated that he couldn’t have a birthday gathering or go to Chuck E Cheese with his best friends. He dramatically stomped his foot plus said he would be as old as daddy before he was able to get out of the home again. Two afternoons before Bob’s birthday, some of the local pizzerias were reopening, but they were finally offering food delivery service, plus not in-home dining. I called Chuck E Cheese plus asked if they had meal delivery services. They said they were going to have no-contact meal deliveries starting on the weekend, which had myself and others cheerful. It was amazing timing to have a small intimate gathering for our son. My parents lived next door to us, plus had also been self-quarantining. Both of us took all of our gifts to the backyard plus kept our social distance, while still having a birthday gathering. About halfway through the gathering, the meal delivery driver showed up to supply the pizzas plus the popcorn every one of us had ordered from Chuck E Cheese. Bob was laughing so hard that he said he was going to pee his pants, when a mouse stepped out of the car.

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