I wasn’t intending to impress people with the heated flooring

When I decided to invest in a nice oil furnace, I wasn’t even trying to impress anybody; people would legitimately say I was a liar, but I don’t care… The main thing I wanted was comfort in my home; I have been annoyed by the chilly floors, especially in the Wintertide season! I regularly would have to deal with drafts in the beach condo plus my tile floors were regularly too chilly, even for socks! Seriously, I would walk around the condo with either slippers on or close-toed shoes.

If I did not do that, my feet would be too chilly to even walk comfortably around my home.

This is easily the main reason why I wanted to have radiant radiant heated floors installed throughout my home. In the beginning, I was thinking about just having the heating mats installed under my lavatory floor tiles, but I realized that I might as well go for something that would give myself and others ultimate comfort plus lower energy costs on top of that. After I had the current radiant heated floors installed, I felt almost as if I was in heaven upon using the oil furnace for the first time. I just couldn’t feel I could walk around in socks or even barefoot without feeling the least bit of discomfort! Stepping out of the shower was an appreciated dream come true not having to feel that chilly jolt on the chilly tiles any longer. I didn’t go posting about my current radiant radiant heated floors on social media either! Honestly, I just wanted to prefer my current oil furnace in comfort… Of course my close friends found out about it soon enough plus then they told everybody!

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