If you ever date an HVAC serviceman, make sure he isn’t the one that you use

If you ever decide that you’re going to date an HVAC serviceman, you better make sure that he’s not the HVAC serviceman that covers the section where you live, and i somehow ended up making this mistake, plus it has made our life truly complicated lately, see, last year, I ended up dating the guy who came to our apartment to repair our heating system for me, however he was a super enjoyable looking HVAC serviceman, plus he was friendly plus funny, however when he first showed up at the apartment to repair the heating system for me, I could not think our enjoyable luck. I had not been meeting several men lately plus so when he asked me out for breakfast, I said yeah instantly. Well the two of us got along truly well plus ended up dating for almost an entire year… Right around our one year birthday was when I found out that he was seeing someone else on this side! It turned out that he was a immense jerk, and of course, I ended up dumping him plus moving on with our life, then but then a few weeks ago I ended up having some troubles with our electric heating system. When I called the HVAC supplier, they sent someone out instantly; Unfortunately for me, that someone ended up being our ex-wifey! I could not think it when I saw him get out of the HVAC repair truck in our driveway. I recognize that I should have specified to them that I did not want him coming to our apartment to repair our heating system. However, he explained to me that he has the only guy who covers the section where I live.


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