I'm not sure who was responsible for this

I’m not really sure who is responsible for this, since I was not around when my house was originally being built.

But for some reason, all of the heating and air conditioning vents are in the strangest places that they could possibly be. If you ask me, it just doesn’t make any sense to have an air conditioning vent at the doorway of a room where it just blows out into the hallway. And that is how all of the air conditioning and heating vents in our house are positioned. It makes no sense at all, since the hallway ends up being the recipient of all the heating and air conditioning from the air vents. That means that the bedrooms end up being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. It’s just a very strange setup when it comes to the heating and cooling system in our house. It wasn’t really something that we noticed right away when we were house hunting, and so we did not really address it with the realtor or an HVAC company before we got moved in. Now that we have been living here for several months though, we have begun to realize that it is actually an issue. The indoor air quality in the house is not exactly what it should be. Not only that, but we are paying a small fortune in heating and cooling bills. That’s because we have to keep the heating system turned up in order to keep the bedrooms warm enough with the cold temperatures that we are experiencing outside these days!

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