It is time to replace the oil furnace

I have been aggravated with the rising cost of oil for the oil furnace! I absolutely wish I had decided to upgrade to a gas furnace just like our neighbors next door chose to do! They were smart though because the natural gas was so much cheaper to supply heating to the home.

The good news was that they let us move the remaining oil they had in their oil furnace over to ours which surprisingly was a nice amount.

It saved us a pretty nice amount this past winter time but honestly, I’m thinking about going for a replacement before the next winter. I’m not really sure just yet if I want to go for a gas furnace or something else like a heat pump. I mean, the winters around here rarely go into the negative temperatures so a heat pump could potentially work. A friend of mine was telling me that I should look into a hybrid heating system because they give the best heating and are seriously energy efficient on top of that. I was told that if I go that route, I would absolutely want to go with a gas furnace combined with a heat pump, however of course, I could use another genre of furnace, even an electric one! I was thinking about getting solar panel hook ups, so in that case it might be a smart move to go all electric! Whatever the case may be, I plan on having a Heating and A/C professional come out to help me figure out the best Heating and A/C method for my home.

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