My friend’s great idea

My good friend had a great idea to improve the heating in his home and save money in the long run.

He invested in radiant heated floors! I had been thinking about doing it myself, but it wasn’t until my friend did it and I got to see and feel how great his was that I actually went through and made the investment.

It was pretty expensive to get radiant heated floors, and I had to actually get a home improvement loan from my bank in order to even be able to afford them. There was no HVAC company payment plan or anything. You had to buy the radiant heated floors all at once. Also in my case, I had to pay for the installation of tile flooring since I previously had carpets with cement under them. So getting these radiant heated floors was a huge task and very pricey. But in the long run, I know I will save a lot of money on my monthly energy bills. And in a few years time with all that savings I will be having on electric, the radiant heated floors, the installation of the radiant heated floors as well as the tile flooring installation will all pay for itself. If it was not for my friend doing this first and me getting to see the wonderful results of radiant heated floors first hand, I would have never went through with it. I will be looking forward to reaping the cash benefits of the energy savings from the radiant heated floors within the next year!

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