My husband completely spoils our cats

From the day our teenagers moved out, my husband has been driving me deranged the way that he spoils our cat.

I guess he’s just having empty nest syndrome or something but the way he treats this cat is just ridiculous.

My husband spoils this cat way more than he ever did any of our teenagers. I feel that it certainly drives them deranged too. Yesterday he just went completely over the edge when he phoned our local HVAC business to have them come out and put in a special HVAC unit for our cat in the backyard. I told him that this was the craziest thing that I had ever heard of. My husband just looked at me like I was a deranged person. He told me that periodically the cat gets too chilled when he’s outside in his cathouse. He added that it only makes sense for him to put a HVAC unit in the cat house because he needs to be just as comfortable as we are inside of our house. I rolled my eyes and told him that indoor air conditions just aren’t as big of an issue when you are an animal. My husband said that that was not true at all and that the cat deserves to breathe air just as much as we breathe inside of our house. He’s even thinking about installing a whole-apartment air purifier in the cathouse. I do not feel at what point I should really put my foot down about this whole thing, but I believe I am getting close.


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