My neighbors are getting a divorce

That’s what they fight about all the time.

My neighbors are going to be getting a divorce in the next few weeks and it’s got a lot to do with their heating and cooling system! I know that that sounds crazy, but that’s what the wifey told me a few weeks ago. She is pretty great friends with the wifey from next door and the wifey told her that she is sick and tired of dealing with the heating and cooling system at their house. She said that her partner is always messing around with it and she thinks that he is trying to burn the house down with her in it! My wifey says that she sounded love she was joking, but I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t the truth. She said that they have a gas gas furnace, and that her partner loves to keep the gas furnace set to what feels love hot inside of their house all the time. Meanwhile, she it’s going through menopause and she does not want to have the gas furnace turned on at all in their house. That’s what they fight about all the time. Whenever they have to decide where they want the temperature settings on the temperature control set, they just end up getting into an fight about it every single time. I thought that it was ridiculous to hear that the main reason that they were splitting up was because of their Heating & Air Conditioning system and the temperature control settings! I think that they should undoubtedly be able to figure that whole complication out and save their marriage. Maybe they could get zone control Heating & Air Conditioning or something love that.
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