My sister finds the sound of the heating plan quite soothing

The heating plan in my sister’s apartment is not only old, but it should be replaced.

This is because it sounds so loud when it’s running, and to my sister, the sound of the heating unit running is entirely soothing and she loves it.

You see how a lot of people like the sound of rain drumming on a roof when they are sleeping? That’s how her overly loud heating plan sounds to other people when trying to sleep in winter. She is the only one happy with the noisy heating unit in the apartment. Her fiance thinks that it’s just an annoying roaring sound whenever the heating plan kicks on during the night. My sister admits that it’s a little bit loud when it first comes on, but after you get over the initial shock, the roar is entirely soothing. It’s almost like you’re seated next to a roaring fireplace or something like that. But her fiance says that it’s absurd because your gas furnace is not supposed to be as loud as some heavy commercial vehicle. He says it’s supposed to be background noise in your house, not the first thing that you notice when it’s running. My sister knows that he has a point, but when she called to make an appointment with the Heating and Air Conditioning company to come and repair the loud gas furnace, my sister was a little bit exasperated. She said she didn’t want the gas furnace to be quieter. It would be nice if it stayed this loud always.


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