My wife started out as just a great friend of mine

It’s funny how things go sometimes.

With my wife, she is somebody I never expected to be married to. I loved her to death, but we were always the best of friends. You know what they say, once you’re in the friend zone, there’s no getting past it. Well, she had me take her home one time and asked if I would adjust the temperature control settings. When I tried to find a suitable temperature, she ended up making the adjustment to the temperature control herself. She was blasting the A/C system so much that I was feeling a little frigid. She even wanted to play her old school mix tape, and again, I didn’t have a problem. Well, when I heard the jams, it got me into the music and I started singing all the different songs with her. I had to stop for a minute to put on a sweater because it was so frosty in my car, but I had a really great time singing with her while taking her home. She was telling me how she had a wonderful time, acting like it was a date and I just dropped her off. I played along and said next time I would take her to a proper restaurant and let her have whatever she wanted on the menu. Even though I was mostly joking, she agreed and told me when I was ging to pick her up, and she would be ready for me. When I first took her to a nice restaurant, it was a strange feeling because we had only been friends up until that point. I got us a nice table by the fireplace. We enjoyed some good food, laughs, and the rest was history.

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