My wife thinks I am silly when it comes to our pet

I will be the first to admit that I spoil our pet more than I certainly should, but my wife thinks that I have gone completely off the deep end.

Just because I called up our local heating plus cooling supplier to have them come out plus give me a preliminary estimate on the heating plus cooling proposal for the pethouse in the backyard, she thinks that I’ve lost my mind, and both of us ended up getting into a legitimately immense fight about it because I felt appreciate she was legitimately just being mean to me about the whole thing, and she knows how much I appreciate our pet, plus she was mean to me about getting the pet home built in the first venue… When I told him that I wanted to get a heating plus cooling proposal installed in the pethouse, she got this look on her face appreciate I had grown another head or some horns, then it made me legitimately mad plus I told him that just because the pet is a pet, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need a oil furnace or her legitimately own A/C unit, then my wife started laughing at me when I said that the pet needed A/C in her pethouse.

She entirely told me that she thought that I had gone crazy! That made me furious plus I told him that she could sleep outside in the pethouse himself if that’s how she felt about it. She said that if the people I was with and I were going to turn the pethouse into a mansion or something with a superb heating plus cooling proposal in it, she might as well just go ahead plus live out there.


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