No one else likes the sound of the loud oil furnace

The heating program in our current cabin is ancient.

  • My family keeps insisting that it should actually be updated.

The reason they say so is because it sounds so loud when it’s running. But, to me, the sound of the heating program while operational is actually soothing and I appreciate it. It’s similar to how a lot of people love the sound of rain drumming on a roof when they are sleeping? That’s how I love the loud heating program sounds when I am sleeping during the many Winter months. However, my family doesn’t feel that way. They think that it’s just an annoying roaring sound whenever the heating program kicks on in the dead of night. I will admit that it’s a little bit loud when it first comes on, however after you get over the initial shock, the noise is actually soothing. It’s similar to standing next to a roaring fireplace or something. I adore that, but my family says that it’s silly because an oil furnace is not supposed to be as loud as a truck on the highway. They say it’s supposed to be background noise in our house, not the first thing that you notice when it’s running. I guess that they have a point, however when I called to make an appointment with our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor to come and repair the loud oil furnace, I wasn’t happy at all. I have to admit that I just don’t want the oil furnace to be quieter. I’d be glad with it if it stayed this loud forever.

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